Tag Creator HowTo

Welcome to our new Custom Tag Creator

No longer do you need to submit your text, send your images, try to describe your layout needs… then wait for someone to do a mockup, email it back to you, and then go thru the approval and re-mockup process until it looks right.



Now just follow these simple steps ….

Choose your material, color, and shape…..


Then you can enter your text, resize it, and position it
exactly where you want it.


And then you can upload your logo or image, see how it looks once converted to an engravable image… and resize and reposition it how you want it.


And finally… when you are satisfied with your design, click on the “Submit Tag Layout” button. We will receive your layout and can quickly quote your tag request and process it with your approval.

You are now in control and see the results immediately.


Now.. Try it yourself
Custom tag creator will open in a new window
Just close window when you are done to return…